A number of goodies arrived over the last few weeks & I was going to say I spoiled myself for no good reason (true).

Instead, I want to celebrate one of the unexpected parts of finding knitting as my hobby: supporting #womenownedbusinesses
It brings me great joy to find that my 🧶, knitting bags, stitch markers, patterns, etc are mostly purchased from #bossladies

I don't talk about my professional life here because this is about de-stressing, socializing & finding joy outside of my JOB.

But here are a few tidbits to provide some color on why supporting boss ladies brings me so much joy:
- I started my career in professional services & my first company had no female partners & bringing clients to a strip club was normal (I always passed & never knew if it hurt my prospects)
- My biz school class was about 25% female & that was both exciting & disappointing
- I entered a different professional services industry & my incoming class was about 1/3 women - that was considered excellent
- When I transferred to my company's Stockholm office, I made it 19% female (no female partners) & in my 15 months of Scandinavian & UK clients, I only encountered female execs once
- I've worked in tech for over a decade now and that has been an improvement though I still work at & with companies dominated by men at the exec & Board levels; I still am often the only woman at the table (or 1 of 2 if I'm really lucky)

I'm involved in supporting women in my professional life and I am so happy that I can do it with my hobby (and it's soooo much easier to do so).

So THANK YOU to all the fiber/knitting industry boss ladies - I wish I could shop from, learn from, watch & follow you all! 👩💪

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Happy Weekend!
How are you in your corner of the world?
🌞or ❄️?

We spent all week packing and shipping goodies, and we enjoyed wondering ‘where are they going?’ Will they take a place under a Christmas tree?

We don’t have much to offer until next Monday, but we still have the gorgeous convertible EZE tote in smooth leather in the shop, and I though I’d post here just in case you never saw the posts for last update 💙
We love this classic design and this leather is so so smooth and rich!
You can carry the EZE tote as a messenger bag or as a backpack, it’s fully lined, with 2 pockets and a clasp inside.

Next shop update is on Monday, 1 PM Buenos Aires time, with lots of goodies!

#jojiandco #ezetote

We have a shop update tomorrow, at 1 PM Buenos Aires time (attention! It’s 11 AM EST). 💙

We have received a new batch of EZE convertible totes in smooth leather... so soft and silky...
This is our ‘Teal’ color.
Our EZE tote can be carried as a messenger bag or as a backpack, and it’s big enough for a sweater project.
It’s fully lined and comes with 2 pockets and a clasp foe your keys inside.
We offer 2 strap sizes, you can check our website for specs.
We hope you are excited as we are about our first ever teal product 🙊
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Coming today for the first time...

We call it this way ti identify this new version, made using a super soft and supple smooth leather.
We have no idea what to call this color... we consulted with our friend @lolabeanyarnco and she suggested Brown Olive. But we decided to go with the name we initially gave it here at the warehouse: BROLIVE.
Our SMOTH EZES are convertible: you can wear them as a backpack, or you can reposition the strap and wear them as really comfortable messenger bags.
Find them today in the shop at 2 PM Buenos Aires time 🤎🍈
#brolive #smoothezetote #jojiandco #ezetote #convertiblebackpack

EZE Convertible Backpack/Tote in Black Smooth leather 🖤
Where are my fellow lovers of black?

I am so excited to share this one with you. EZE is one of our classics: the second bag we ever designed... and we are still
deeply in love with it.
This design was created for suede leather... but we decided to try it in smooth leather to see how everyone likes it.
It is a more expensive material, but we’re hoping that now you know how beautiful this convertible backpack is, you may want to invest in this version.
It will be available in tomorrow’s Shop Update (a toned down update this time) at 2 PM Buenos Aires time.
PS: I wish I could show you how amazing my jasmin smells today!
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Tomorrow, for the first time ever, we’re releasing a batch of EZE totes in Purple.

You know, after all the time we’ve been making the #ezetote , it’s still a favorite among knitters.
This is a convertible tote: you can wear it as a backpack , or you can carry it as a messenger bag.
It’s made using our soooooft suede leather, and it’s lined, with 2 pockets inside.
They’ll be uploaded to the shop tomorrow at 1 PM Buenos Aires time.
We are very excited about tomorrow’s offerings! 🙊
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A very limited number of @jojiandco EZE Covertible Totes have just been added to the webstore in four stunning colours 💛💙💖💚!

Link in bio...☝️ #jojiandco #ezetote #knitterbag #projectbag #knittersofinstagram #espacetricot #lys

Attention, attention, my hot pink lovers! 👀
You asked for a Hot Pink convertible EZE tote and we made some!

🔥 Finally!
Quantitiy is limited 🙈
Find them in the shop tomorrow at 1 PM Buenos Aires time!

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This is our convertible EZE tote.
Every now and then we like to talk about the features of all our designs, for our new and old readers.

Our EZE tote has a removable strap that allows you to use it as a backpack (as shown in the first photo) or as a messenger bag (as in the second photo).
It’s made by hand using 100% genuine argentine leather: the body is suede and the straps are made usung vachetta leather.
All the materials we use are locally sourced as well as all our bags are locally sewn.
It’s big enough to fit a 13” laptop, plus your knitting and essentials, and it features 2 pockets inside: a flat one and a zippered one with a clasp for your keys.
IMPORTANT: you can choose between 2 sizes of strap! Make sure you read the sizing info when checking out.
EZE bags come with one of our daily bags included:
A surdy canvas bag that you can use as a project bag inside the leather bag if you’re using it as an everyday purse.
Find them in stock now!
#jojiandco #projectbags #ezeconvertibletote #ezetote #knittingbag #industriaargentina #leathergoods

I think I have moved past #purchase right into the #investment phase.

I'm thrilled with these @jojiandco bags and the wonderful attention and service from Terri @fynsarnia
I had wanted the red #limitededition #cbatote but wasn't able to get it when orders opened. She shared with me that her store had 1 left! When we talked, I mentioned my dream of a #weekenderbag and she had one with a special which allowed me to get the limited edition red leather notions #pouch too!
With the #move in a few weeks, I plan to put my #weekender to great use as I will now have to travel overnight for post surgery appointments or to visit #family and lend a hand (currently they are a quick 1-2 hours drive away). I think it will be perfect. The notions and tote aren't exclusive to my #knitting but will likely be what I use them for the most. The epa pouch is a great addition for my new #ezetote I was fortunate enough to get during the #joji #second sale recently.
#knit #knittingbag #parsonagelife #knittersofinstagram #readytotravel

Are you kidding me @jojiandco This bag is so beautiful, I cannot wait time put all my stuff in it and carry it around forever!

The color is so rich. Plus I want to bury my nose in it - the suede smell is 🙌🙌🙌 Thank you so much, tell your artisans that they rock. 💙💙💙🧶 #jojiandco #ezetote #midnightblue #madeinargentina #makersgonnamake #knittersofinstagram #handmadewithlove #supportsmallbusiness #knittingaddict

Such a classic design from @jojiandco - I’m certain I will use this beautiful #ezetote for more than just my knitting 😊 @jojilocat it enjoys being paired with #neighborhoodfiberco just like your gorgeous samples

Je prépare les macérât de sureau
Et la base des pommades volantes

J’ai reçu mon écheveaux de @monpetitreve_michaela
Du rangement à été fait
Et mon châle ce terminera bientôt
Je prépare les prochains onguents et les nouveaux projets
#greenwitch #ezetote #monpetitreve #kniting #knit #menknitting #witchcraft #fingering #wool #figuier #puits #nature #pagan #knitofinstagram

Yay! My #ezetote arrived from @jojiandco ! I ❤ it!

What better project to put in it than #simplesummersweater from the lovely @jojilocat
Yarn is #lodgeworsted from @pluckyknitter

{English in comments}

Idag kom en liten leverans från @jojandco och det är alltid en sån fröjd att plocka upp dessa väskor och stickfodral!

👌🏻 Paletten växer med fler fantastiska färger och nytt för den här gången är en BA bag i vackraste mörkblått. Det är också påfyllt med de små tillbehörsväskorna EPA pouch i rött som sålde slut i ett nafs sist, och storfavoriten EZE tote är äntligen tillbaka i olivgrönt. Sen finns den mjukt sand-eller-rosa-beroende-på-ljuset och klassikern i senapsgult. OCH! Stickfodralen IC (för utbytbara stickor och kablar) är tillbaka i djupt körsbärsrött, och FIX (för rundstickor) finns i svart och gult. Plus en sak till. Pallar ni? Två Pampa buckets var också med, en i svart och en i gult. Phu! Det finns alltså något för varje projekt och behov här. Är ni sugna på en färg som inte finns inne just nu går det finfint att maila så ser jag till att beställa hem en i nästa omgång - jag tror inte det dröjer alltför länge innan det kommer ett paket till för dessa väskor är så himla poppis, vilket känns otroligt kul! 🌟 De är väldigt väldesignade och tillverkade under schyssta villkor av hantverkare och kvinnor i marginaliserade grupper i Buenos Aires och jag är otroligt glad att kunna vara en liten del av det arbete Joji och hennes team gör.

[ Pink moon 🌕] J’ai reçu ce matin mon #ezetotebag de @jojiandco

Commander chez @elkmarketyarn
Côté tricot
J’avance vers la fin du châle octobre
Et prépare le nouveau projet
Sinon je prépare beltane et m’occupe du jardin
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Back in February I was scrolling through my feed and spotted an announcement from @jojiandco that they were going to be updating the shop.

I’d been admiring their products from afar and continuously seemed to miss all of the shop updates. Finally, I wasn’t too late to the game and was able to snap up the EZE Tote in black. While it hasn’t seen the light of day too many times because I was scared to ruin the suede in the northeast’s winter weather, I’m dreaming about the spring and summer days to come once social distancing is over.

Now for my goal this week? Finish the back on my Rowe Cardigan before the BerrocoCardiParty starts on Monday.

On the needles: Rowe by Michelle Wang in @kelbournewoolens Lucky Tweed in Tomato.

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{English below}

Det finns några enstaka väskor och stickfodral från @jojiandco kvar i webbshoppen och tyvärr kan jag i dagsläget inte säga när nästa leverans kommer, det beror helt enkelt på när flygtrafiken mellan kontinenterna börjar röra sig igen. Så tills dess är det det som finns i webbshoppen just nu som är tillgängligt ❤️ det finns BA bags i både rött och mjukt rosa, och faktiskt ett par gula EZE totes också! För den som vill klämma och känna själv har jag öppet första söndagen i april och maj, alltså den 5/4 och 3/5 kl 11-16 🎉

There are a few bags and needle cases from @jojiandco left ih the web shop and unfortunately I can’t say when the next delivery will be here, it simply depends on the air traffic. So until further notice, what’s in the web shop now is what’s available ❤️ there are BA bags in red and dusty pink, and actually a couple of yellow EZE totes too! The offer of free European shipping is still on, and if you should find yourself in the southern Swedish forest the first Sundays in April or May you’re more than welcome to visit! 🎉
#knitting #nevernotknitting #knittersofravelry #knittersofinstagram #strikk #sticka #stickning #strikke #instastrikk #jojiandco #babag #epapouch #ezetote

Isn’t this EZE just dreamy?
Oh! We’re so happy with this gray batch!

We wanted to give this color a try after using it foe our holiday specials and we’re in love ❤️
What do you think?
Our EZE totes are convertible: you can use them as messenger bags or as a backpack.
They come packed inside a sturdy canvas draw-string bag (our Daily bag) which you can use as a removable project bag too!
These bags are made out ot 100% leather, and they are individuallh made by hand in our workshops in Buenos Aires.
All the materials are also locally sourced. 👌🏼
EZE comes with 2 size options. We recommend size 1 for bust measurement up to 46” and size 2 for larger.
We will put a lot of these in our shop on FRIDAY MARCH 6 at 12 PM (noon) Buenos Aires time.
We hope you like gray as much as we do!!
#jojiandco #ezetote #ezeconvertibletote #project ags #knittingbag #projectbag #leatherprojectbag

"Being creative is not a hobby, it is a way of life"
Inspired by @frauhoelle

I decided to give embroidery a go and this cover bag from my @jojiandco EZE tote is perfect for practicing 😍 My first time trying this craft (apart from cross stitch) and I'm hooked already❤️

Someone asked for the FIX needle wallet from @jojiandco and I just realised I never listed them in the web shop!

🤯 They’re there now at least, in red, black and tan, together with the gorgeous BA bags and crossbody BA bags and EZE totes and USH weekender bags and and... we simply love Joji! 😍

Någon frågade efter FIX-väskan för rundstickor från @jojiandco och jag fick inse att jag aldrig la upp den i webbshoppen 🤯 nu finns de där, i rött, svart och brunt, tillsammans med projektväskan BA bag, EZE toten, USH weekender-väskan och och... vi gillar verkligen Joji! 😍
#knitting #nevernotknitting #knittersofravelry #knittersofinstagram #strikk #sticka #stickning #strikke #instastrikk #jojiandco #ezetote #babag

I’ve got a new Joji and Co yellow EZ tote for sale, never used, includes shipping in US, PayPal.

$199 #jojiandco #joji #ezetote