All assets pictured belongs to @StarStableOnline | Oh how I LOVE to work with the Fjord horses!

They feel so happy and playful and are so much fun to pose. My absolute favorite coat is Pepita’s non-magical coat, and this particular pose was set up for a marketing campaign during Halloween 2020. So pretty ♥️

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All assets pictured belongs @StarStableOnline | One word - BLAZE 🔥 I posed this for the marketing around the Mistfall series in 2020, but back then I used Blaze’s unique mane.

I’m such a sucker for the lion mane on Blaze though, so I just had to add it on for this turnaround 🤤 Love love LOVE the Jorvik Wild Horses!

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All assets pictured belongs to @StarStableOnline | I fell in love with the APH the moment I saw

it and I kinda might have done a few 3D renders just for fun before even thinking twice about it 😂 This coat is so pretty and I really wanted to show the fancy braids here, along with some of the new tack. Ah, WHAT A HORSE! 😍

#ColorMePaint #SSOHQ #StarStableLife #LifeAtStarStable #SSO #StarStable #StarStableOnline

All assets pictured belongs to @StarStableOnline | This render actually was requested from a

colleague who needed it for one of their projects, and asked to have it mirror a pose from one of SSO’s key art pictures. I did my best to pick everything from the horse to the outfit to match the picture the best I could, and the result was very pleasing 😄

#SSOHQ #StarStableLife #LifeAtStarStable #SSO #StarStable #StarStableOnline #PureSpanishMagic

All assets pictured belongs to @StarStableOnline | When we released the Arabian horse, I wanted to play around a bit with it and posed it in this collected trot.

Love this horse so much 😍

#SSOHQ #StarStableLife #LifeAtStarStable #SSO #StarStable #StarStableOnline #AwesomeArabians

All assets pictured belongs to @StarStableOnline | I’m a sucker for posing jumping horses.

It’s really easy and makes very dynamic pictures, and the one challenge for me is to be able to give the rider a natural pose while still making sure she fits in the saddle. I made this pose for the 2021 release of Linda’s show jumping and I’m super pleased with how it turned out!
I very kindly ask not to get comments about how wrong it is to pose the rider in positions she can’t have in the game. As the artist of a 3D render you’re allowed artistic freedom to ensure the finished picture will look as good as possible, and I ensure you ALL games does this 😊

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All assets pictured belongs to @StarStableOnline | I love the Percheron so fripping much and I

couldn’t wait to play with it in 3D, so it was fitting that we also had a new tack set coming so I could use that too 😍 Ah this horse is a JOY to pose!

#SSOHQ #StarStableLife #LifeAtStarStable #SSO #StarStable #StarStableOnline #PerfectPercherons

All assets pictured belongs to @StarStableOnline | During the spring of 2020 when we focused a

lot on western themed content I made this picture just as we released the bosals, boots and the updated western saddles. I think this is a really dynamic pose!

#SSOHQ #StarStableLife #LifeAtStarStable #SSO #StarStable #StarStableOnline #CheekyChincos

All assets pictured belongs to @StarStableOnline | After making the Frozen Horse Race for Horses

of Jorvik I was asked if I wanted to create the promotional renders for the release, and I jumped at the chance as I do love 3D posing even though it’s not part of my job description anymore. Had loads of fun finding the dynamics of a rider jumping a dragon and having to avoid leaning on the back fin, though still holding on to it to keep the balance. Love this pose!

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I have started to use the guide feature here on Instagram to collect some of my posts in a convenient way.

One of the guides collects some official 3D poses I have made for @starstableonline throughout the years - just go to my profile and check out the guides to find them! 💫

#SSOHQ #StarStableLife #LifeAtStarStable #SSO #StarStable #StarStableOnline

All work and assets pictured belongs to @starstableonline | I no longer work with making 3D

renders for social media, but sometimes I sneak in one or two when my regular schedule isn’t packed (and tbh I sometimes spend some time on the weekends doing this because I love it so much lol). One of the most recent ones is the promotional picture for Linda’s show jumping, but I figured I could as well share some old favorites with you too 😄

🎮Game: Star Stable Online
🕹Platform: PC
💸Is it free? Free demo available
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Throwback to last fall when Eira was a smol bean and compared the size of her ears to the one and only Fripp at Star Stable HQ #PembrokeCorgi #Corgi #CorgiPuppy #CorgisOfInstagram #SSOHQ #LifeAtStarStable #StarStableLife

All work and assets pictured belongs to @starstableonline | They’re my friends.

Only two of them have been my friends in real life, but all three of them are my friends. My Golden Trio - Jorvik Warmblood Ash, Irish Cob Momma Duck and Arabian Sadrak ♥️

🎮Game: Star Stable Online
🕹Platform: PC
💸Is it free? Free demo available
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All work and assets pictured belongs to @starstableonline | If you are an equestrian, you know that some horses go straight into your heart and never leaves no matter what.

To me, one of the dearest horses who ever walked this earth was a kind, cowardly old Arabian gelding who spent at least 15 years of his life at a riding school. I learnt EVERYTHING on his back. He was everything. I loved him more than anything.
During the production of the Arabian horse I didn’t want to push for him to be in the game, as I got a dream come true in the Irish Cob Momma Duck, based on a beloved horse of mine from IRL. Then I saw the first draft of a bay Arabian horse and it felt like all air went out of my body because it was HIM, from top to bottom with only the socks added to the “wrong” legs. I had to ask if I ever had shared any picture of him, and no, I hadn’t, it was just a coincidence. Hearing about my freak out of the similarity the horse artist asked for reference pictures to make him spot-on - and here he is. He left this earth some years back, but to see him eternalized like this warms my heart more than words can tell. ♥️

🎮Game: Star Stable Online
🕹Platform: PC
💸Is it free? Free demo available
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All assets and work pictured belongs to @starstableonline | Petra is nothing but a dream.

I’ve imagined a rune stone inspired magic horse for years and now she’s here. I made this render a while back late one night and waited with sharing it in case Star Stable wanted to use it, but now I got green light to show it myself 😉 Adore this horse beyond words and this picture was so much fun to work on!

🎮Game: Star Stable Online
🕹Platform: PC
💸Is it free? Free demo available
🔖Tags: #SSOHQ #StarStableLife #LifeAtStarStable #SSO #StarStable #StarStableOnline #RumblingRunestones

The past month I’ve been clearing out basically all my followers from this account to get a fresh

start and hopefully avoid the same amount of ghost followers as before - so here’s a presentation for all you new people so you know who I am behind the phone 😄 #SSOHQ #StarStableLife #LifeAtStarStable #SSO #StarStable #StarStableOnline #MONOKERUS

All work and assets pictured belongs to @starstableonline | I was quite a tall child, and therefore my career as a pony rider was cut way shorter than I would have liked.

Luckily Esme will never be taller than she is today and therefore can ride the Gotland Ponies forevermore ♥️ I learnt to ride on Gotland Ponies and I have many years of experience trying to convince these stubborn, hungry little hobbits to do what they’re told. I’m so happy to have the pony of my childhood in Star Stable! #FriendlyGotlandPony #SSOHQ #StarStableLife #LifeAtStarStable #SSO #StarStable #StarStableOnline

Woop woop, you have no idea how excited I am to present you with Jorvik’s very first permanent WORKING EQUITATION!

😍 I built this as a passion project last summer and I’m so happy it’s finally live. This course is heavily influenced by a course I’ve been riding a lot in real life so there’s a chance some of you actually have ridden this course as well 😏
I’ve longed to make more out of the racing systems we already have in Star Stable and I think both the Silverglade Working Equitation and the Goldenleaf Gauntlet are great examples of making something new out of something old. Can’t wait to hear what you make of it! #SSOHQ #StarStableLife #LifeAtStarStable #SSO #StarStable #StarStableOnline #HazyShoreServer

Today’s update was very exciting to me as the first proper quests I’ve ever made for SSO were released!

I’ve always felt the Bobcats need to practice their riding more and Stacy is of the very same opinion. This short quest chain is placed at the very start of the game and will most likely be new players first experience with show jumping, with a small course unlocked as soon as you become a Star Rider. Building quests is incredibly difficult (especially for a beginner like me) and I’m so grateful for the enormous support I’ve had from my team during this process, with everything from scripting, writing and texturing! I hope you also take the opportunity to check out the other three Bobcat races, which I gave a new look recently 🌟 #SSOHQ #StarStableLife #LifeAtStarStable #SSO #StarStable #StarStableOnline #CuriousConnemaras #HazyShoreServer

A horrible year is coming to an end and so is my time in the Star Stable Content Team, and so I’m leaving my job in the Marketing Department.

I already have had a sneaky start at my new job - as a Star Stable Game Designer. Really, did you for a second think I would ever leave Jorvik? This means no more news articles (though I haven’t been writing them for some time now), no more 3D renders, a lot more time spent in Jorvik thinking of how to build stuff while trying not to break everything I look at (spoiler alert: I’m an expert in breaking stuff 😓). I’ll miss my old tasks like crazy but I hope this will be a bright start for my future as a Game Developer 👩🏼‍💻 (I might sneak in a render or two if I can, though. Don’t think I’ll be able to drop such an artistic outlet entirely...) #SSOHQ #StarStableLife #LifeAtStarStable #SSO #StarStable #StarStableOnline #GameDev

I knew star stable would be a massive addiction from the start 😬😅

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If Fripp is the Yoda of Jorvik then @eirathecorgi is the Fripp of IRL, I mean look at those ears 👂🏼 #LifeAtStarStable #StarStableLife #SSOHQ #PembrokeCorgi #Corgi #CorgiPuppy #CorgisOfInstagram #YesIOwnADog

Last time I stood in front of Fripp I said “Hey pal, take care of the office, I’ll see you in 2

weeks!” Well, that was 7 months ago 😅 I went into SSOHQ for just a few minutes to pick up a few things (like some tea from the UK I’ve been missing like crazy!) while a friend of mine took care of my puppy at home. I have no idea when, or if, we’ll get back to the office again but we can rest safely knowing Fripp is taking care of it for us 💕 My week of vacation is now over (yes I know I went into work on my day off so sue me) and I’m certainly not ready to go back to work next week 😂 Raising a puppy is tiring, even though it’s also fun and rewarding. I do long for the actual tasks at work though, got some projects coming up which I’m super excited for you to play! #SSO #StarStable #StarStableOnline #LifeAtStarStable #StarStableLife #SSOHQ

What do you think will happen in todays update that also is @starstableonline 400th update?

😄🎉💜 They hinted last week about a much wished for update to come. Hmm what can it be?..🤔 I have no clue but I wish for a new wardrobe!😉👍 I did visit @claralightland at Starstable HQ this monday and saw some really cool stuff in the making 😍😎😉💜 I sadly can't talk about it though 😅😂😂
Also Clara is such a cool and sweet person so it was awesum to have a lunch/fika with her. 😊❤🍣❤
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